How do you know if your website is up to speed?

Does your website attract and convert visitors into actual leads? You can just run through this quick checklist to find out.

Is your website mobile optimized? Mobile optimized means the site will reformat itself from desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices.

Yes ❒ No ❒

Do the images on your website load immediately?

Yes ❒ No ❒

Does your website reflect your brand and architectural style?

Yes ❒ No ❒

Are your icons, fonts, and graphics consistent across your digital platforms?

Yes ❒ No ❒

Within 10 seconds of someone visiting your website, is it clear what service you provide and for whom?

Yes ❒ No ❒

How did you do? You need to update your website if you answered NO to one or more of these questions. Want help figuring out where or how to start? We are here for you.

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